Different Types of Room Freshener

There are different types of room freshener. There are Aromatherapy sprays, Bamboo charcoal, Gel cones, and Sprays. Choosing the right one depends on the smell and your budget. Some of the best room fresheners use bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture while others use oils or perfume. The best way to choose the right room freshener is to experiment with different types of room fresheners. Listed below are some of the best options.


An aromatherapy room spray is an easy way to add a relaxing scent to your home. Simply combine a tablespoon of baking soda with 30 to 40 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix with a spoon and transfer to a spray bottle. Fill it with three cups of water and a fine mist nozzle. Shake well to dissolve the ingredients. This simple, yet effective room spray will refresh and relax you. It’s also a great alternative to buying an air purifier.

Bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal is an excellent room freshener. Made from the Moso bamboo plant, it is highly porous. It absorbs odors and moisture from your home, making it the ideal dehumidifier and deodorizer. Bamboo charcoal helps to reduce the odor of your home, and works non-stop, 24 hours a day. This natural product is safe to use in homes with pets and young children.

Not only is bamboo charcoal a great freshener, it’s also useful in treating skin problems. It’s also safe to eat. People in Asia commonly take charcoal tablets to help treat stomach aches and other ailments. Bamboo charcoal absorbs gastric toxins and helps them pass through the system, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Bamboo charcoal has numerous household and commercial uses, and can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s a great choice for the environment and the planet.

If you’ve got a moldy house, bamboo charcoal can help with this problem, as well. This natural product absorbs toxins from the air and eliminates its smell. Simply place the bag in the area with the mold and leave it out in the sun for an hour. Bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture, and its unique absorbency makes it an effective dehumidifier. You can use bamboo charcoal in a variety of ways, from deodorizing a room to eliminating mold.

Bamboo charcoal is porous, which increases its effectiveness as an air purifier. It has millions of pores, so it can trap odors and pollutants that are circulating in the air. It can also improve the quality of water. It absorbs chlorine, carbonic oxide, and other toxins, and it can clean water. The pore size of Bamboo charcoal also allows it to absorb water. This makes it a great option for purifying the water and air in a home.


There are many benefits of using sprays for room freshener, including the ability to control scents and to customize the scents. You can make your own scents or purchase a store-bought room freshener, but it’s not a good idea to use plastic measuring cups because fragrances do not wash out of plastic. Before you begin, gather your supplies and find a clean space to work. Work on a flat surface so that spills will be easy to clean up.

A few simple ingredients combined with 100% filtered air will produce a room freshener that’s as pleasant as you’ve imagined. Try Air Wick(r) Room Sprays, which provide an aromatic scent for up to an hour. They’re safe to use anywhere, and are available in a variety of fragrances. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference a few drops can make!

Making your own room sprays is a very simple process. Your biggest decision will be which fragrances you want to use. Remember that the concentration of fragrance in a room spray is up to 25%. That means you can safely use four to eight ounces of fragrance oil per 16 oz. This way, you’ll have control over the strength of the scent without overpowering the space. In addition, you’ll have a variety of fragrances to choose from, so you’ll never run out.

Gel cones

Renuzit’s gel air freshener cones are a biodegradable, 98 percent natural air freshener. They’re also easy to use and don’t require batteries or outlets. You can adjust how much fragrance they release by twisting the cone cap. If you want to use a stronger scent, you can simply turn it down a little. This way, you can still use the freshener without overpowering your room.

Another easy way to use gel air fresheners is to mix in essential oils. The more essential oils added, the stronger the air freshener. You can even make your own blend, or use a pre-made one. Simply Earth’s ocean scents diffuser set comes with an ocean breeze blend. Cedarwood acts as a fixative and adds an ocean breeze fragrance. These are an effective way to freshen up your room without spending a fortune.

If you don’t have much cash to spend, try using a gel air freshener. These can be placed anywhere and are less expensive than traditional air fresheners. Plus, they’re biodegradable! You can buy them at any drugstore or online. Depending on the type of gel, they may last up to two months. So, if you don’t like the smell of a gel cone, go for the natural one. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any harmful chemicals!

Homemade gel air fresheners are a safe, effective way to add fragrance to any room. They don’t contain any of the problematic ingredients found in commercial products. The fragrance in homemade gel air fresheners disperses into the air slowly, leaving a clean and lingering scent. You can use these gels to freshen up your home or car. They last longer and smell better than traditional air fresheners.


Plug-in room fresheners are becoming increasingly popular, as many people find them more convenient than traditional air fresheners. Many plug-in products are made with artificial fragrances and phthalates, which have been linked to cancer and reproductive abnormalities. The toxic chemical is especially harmful to the elderly, children and those with compromised immune systems. Furthermore, the airborne particles of phthalates have been linked to asthma and allergies.

Traditional plug-in air fresheners contain a wide range of toxic chemicals, including benzene, a sweet smelling substance made from crude oil, coal and natural gas. Other chemicals include formaldehyde, a liquid used to preserve animals and industrial germicide and fungicide properties. This chemical is a known carcinogen, according to the National Cancer Institute. While the use of natural scents is considered safe, consumers must avoid plug-ins made from these chemicals, as they may potentially harm pets and children.

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