Scented Drawer Liners

Whether you are looking for something to freshen up your drawers or want to give your clothes a more traditional fragrance, there are scented drawer liners available. Scentennials, Orlandi, and Michel Design Works are just a few companies that make scented drawer liners. Purchasing these items is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe. However, if you’re not sure which scent to choose, read on to discover some of the best ones on the market.


You may have noticed that drawer liners aren’t the only place where you can purchase Scentennials fragrance products. You can even purchase a scented drawer liner to use in your linen closet. These liners are available in dozens of fragrances, such as jasmine-lily, coconut, and baby powder. They come in a gift box that matches the box of your drawer liners.

Scentennials’ scented drawer liners are available in several different designs to blend in with any room’s decor. The lavender liners, for example, have a long-lasting lavender fragrance with base notes of Vanilla and Musk. If your favorite scent is lavender, these liners are ideal for freshening up musty vintage drawers. And, if you’d prefer a gift box, you can purchase them in matching colors.


A company based in Farmingdale, NY, Orlandi claims to be the oldest fragrance and cosmetics sampling company in the U.S. The company was founded in 1865 by Edward Parke Coby, who was previously an apprentice with the New York Sun. He eventually went on to create his own printing company. His products have since become some of the most coveted and popular home fragrances in the world.

Orlandi introduces a new range of fragranced drawer liners. The drawer liners carry air care technology and are durable, while retaining their fragrance for a long time. The scent is pleasant but does not linger in the drawer, so users do not have to use room sprays to refresh their space. Available in a variety of sizes and packaging options, these products are a convenient and versatile option for any drawer. Fragrant drawer liners are widely used in home cabinets, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. Some of the key manufacturers in this market include Crabtree & Evelyn and Orlandi.

Sven Dobler, who was the initial owner of Orlandi, was responsible for the valuation, due diligence, and acquisition closing. He later became general manager and purchased Orlandi from Jefferson Smurfit. Orlandi has continued to broaden its product range and capabilities. As a result, the company is now available in various countries and regions. These drawer liners are a great way to freshen up any room, whether it is a guest room or an antique wardrobe.

Michel Design Works

Scented Drawer Liners from Michel Design Works are a beautiful way to add subtle scent and a happy image to any room. Printed on heavyweight paper, they dress up drawers and shelves. Each liner comes in a decorative gift box and is easy to cut to fit any drawer or shelf. There are several scents available for every season and any space. Here are some of our favorites:

The Lavender Rosemary drawer line features elegant birds and soothing lavender plants for a lovely scent. These liners also feature eucalyptus and rosemary, both of which have been used in aromatherapy for more than 2,500 years. A great way to add a splash of color to your drawers is to place them in a cabinet or dresser. You can purchase a box of six for a special gift.